F&FB Case Mouth Expanding Rod - "D" .38/.357
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F&FB Case Mouth Expanding Rod - "D" .38/.357
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F&FB Case Mouth Expanding Rod - "D" .38/.357
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Our Swage Rod Backer/Case Mouth Expander is made from D-2 tool steel, then through hardened, not case hardened, to Rockwell 58-60C for maximum life.


Expands case mouth to ~0.361"


Bullets tested below sit squarely, and have a "suction pop" sound when pulled out by hand.


THIS IS NOT A SWAGE BACKING ROD.  This is ONLY intended for case mouth expansion.


Tested with 9mm (0.357"/0.358") projectiles from:
Speer Lead Wad Cutters


Required but not included:
Dillon Swage Backup Die Body p/n 12184
Dillon 9/16x18 Lock nut p/n 13483

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