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FFB Case Inspection Station
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FFB Case Inspection Station
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The FFB Case Inspection Station


All machines purchased after October 1st, 2021 will come with a 200RPM motor (12k/hr).


To our knowledge, this is the most affordable and efficient means of inspecting the butt of an unloaded cartridge.  Previously, to inspect the bottom of a case it had to be manually oriented, which is slow, tedious, dirty work.


With the new FFB Inspection station, case bottoms can easily be viewed at up to 7,200 rounds per hour without touching them.  The hand held switch has a center off position, with momentary and constant functions on either side.


The primary use for the Inspection Station is to visually ensure a primer is present, correctly oriented, and fully inserted.  It's also a very fast way to visually sort small and large primers in cases such as .45 ACP.  We're sure that brass processors and ammo producers will come up with other creative uses.


Initially the Inspection Station is available the four most popular calibers - 9, 45, 223, 308 - but other calibers will be available upon request.


Lead time on the Inspection Station is approximately 1-2 weeks.  If other items are needed sooner, it's advisable to place the Inspection Station on its own order.

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