FFB Auto-Drive for the Dillon XL650
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FFB Auto-Drive for the Dillon XL650
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FFB Auto-Drive for the Dillon XL650
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Fast and Friendly Brass Industrial Grade
Auto-Drive for the Dillon XL650


$2400.00 + ship

Lead time 4 weeks.




  • Frame made from 1/4" Cold-Rolled Plate Steel, with fully welded joints.

  • No thin metals or aluminum frame to fatigue crack over time.

  • Designed and gusseted to eliminate flex.

  • CAD designed linkage geometry to minimize part stress and maximize stroke consistency.

  • Electroless nickle plated for corrosion protection.

  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Controlled 1/4HP motor uses standard 110-120VAC 50/60Hz input power input drawing a maximum of 6 Amps.  Unloaded press operation draws a scant 0.5A.  Actual amp draw will depend on caliber.

  • Motor is rated for 10,000+ hours of continuous use.  That's 5 years of 40-hour weeks or 21.6 million rounds at max speed!

  • 100% variable speed from 0-2160 rounds per hour.  We don't constrain customers with "set speeds".

  • Maximum flexibility in speed based on caliber, powder, and projectile.

  • All mechanical components designed to last several lifetimes.

  • All mechanical wear components and electronics are off the shelf items.  No FFB proprietary parts required!

  • VFD Microprocessor digitally controlled.

  • Simple user controls.  No proprietary tablets or PC interfaces to fail.  No touch screens that don't recognize dirty or calloused fingers.  No software to get corrupted.  No need for internet connectivity for "updates".  Our drive and control system was designed properly from the start, so as to not need updating.

  • Control switches:  Master Power, Run, and Forward/Reverse Momentary Jog.

  • Compatible with commercially available bulletfeeders, such as but not limited to, Mr. Bulletfeeder and GSI.

  • Easier loading of longer rifle calibers, such as 30-06 and taller.

  • Mechanical and digital clutches offer infinite adjustability.
  • Our digital clutch uses a scale of 0-150 for precise control.  Other competitors use a limited 0-20 scale.

  • Our mechanical clutch transmits torque from 0 up to 35 foot pounds of pressure.

  • Easy, one-time, assembly setup can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes.  All required hardware included.

  • Unlimited lifetime warranty on non-wearing auto-drive components against breakage and wear.  1 year warranty on auto-drive electronics.


Auto-Drive Dimensions:

  • 17" Wide, "17 Long, 15" tall (Plus Press Height).


Optional Accessories:

  • Decapping Sensor for Lee Universal Decapping Die
  • Low Primer Sensor
  • Low Powder Sensor
  • Powder Check Sensor
  • Hand Held Remote Stop Switch
  • Multi-Speed Upgrade
  • Brass Proximity Switch Upgrade (Press only runs when brass is present in the drop tube).
  • Manual Operation Handle (Hey, sometimes the power goes out!)



*** Press not included.



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