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A company dedicated to increasing the efficiency of brass processors and reloaders via tooling and equipment.
Stock Status

We keep our main page updated with current estimation of arrivals on out of stock products.  If we do not have information relating to backordered products, we will not have anything posted.  As soon as we do know status, I can assure you, we will post it on the website main page and Facebook.


Due to the high volume of e-mails we receive on a weekly basis, and to continue to provide the quickest and best support available to our customers, we will be unable to answer e-mails/phone calls regarding stock status.

About Us

Fast and Friendly Firearms, doing business as Fast and Friendly Brass, is owned in whole by Bill Birmingham of Farmington, MO.


We have been processing and selling brass in the St. Louis Metropolitan area since 2012 and have decided to take our sales to the National level in 2014.


Our experience has progressed through various presses as volumes have increased. From the Lee LoadMaster, to the Hornady Lock-N-Load, and currently to Dillon 650s and 1050s.


In addition, we have a number of other proprietary parts to which we developed, including a 5.56 caliber brass sorter that picks out good from bad brass. A second sorter to pick out .380 Auto cases from 9mm. Finally, a billet steel die adapter that mates a 2.25HP Bosch Router motor to our trimming dies.