FFB Adapter from Shop-Vac to PVC




One of the issues we face when trimming brass is chip evacuation.  After many trials and tribulations regarding chips clogging the corrugated vacuum hose, we finally came upon a solution.  Keeping the corrugated vacuum hose to 8″ or less, allowing only enough for toolhead movement, provides perfect evacuation of chips at all times.  The rest of the vacuum lines are then plumbed from either 1-1/4″ or 1-1/2″ PVC schedule 40 (or 80) pipe.

The issue then became having to modify the stock Shop Vac hose adapter to the PVC pipe.  We have overcome that obsticle with our adapter.

The adapter has been tested with the 3HP/6Gal Shop Vac from Lowes as well as the competing 3.5HP/6Gal Ridgid brand from Home Depot.

It should also work with any other vacuum that uses a 2.3″ adapter outside diameter.

Made from 3d printed PETG Black material.