Low Primer Sensor for the FFB Primer Vibe




Inevitably, the operator of the priming press will get distracted and forget to keep the FFB Primer Vibe supplied with Primers.

When the Chute from the Vibratory runs low, weight, gravity, and vibration fail when the chute reaches a dozen or less primers.  The primers don’t move forward, or don’t move forward enough, and the punch either stops inserting primers, or a primer will detonate.

To keep this issue from arising, we have designed a proximity switch to detect primers in the chute.  So long as the chute is full to the sensor, the press will continue to run.  When the chute runs low, the sensor is uncovered, and as such the FFB Auto-Drive will stop.

– 12V Wall Wart
– Proximity Switch
– Brain Box w/required Wiring
– 3 Chutes designed for the Sensor

Note:  This item, depending on our 3D printer que, could take up to 2 weeks to produce.  If you need other items sooner, order this item on a separate order.