FFB Index Arm Return Spring Kit V2 for the Dillon Super 1050


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Version 2, released 02/26/18!

The V2 is different from the V1 in that it WILL clear the stock Dillon primer rocker arm.  The part was lengthened by 1/4″ to clear without rubbing on the casting.

There’s nothing that will ruin a day more than to finish cleaning a press only to discover that the shoulder bolt has pinched the Index Arm Return Spring, ruining it.

We have fixed that problem altogether with our kit.  Before anyone asks, we do not know if this will work on a 1050RL, as we only have the Super 1050s.

To install:

Step 1 – Remove the Primer System Rocker Bolt (p/n 13296 in the Super 1050 Instruction Manual), along with the Rocker Bolt Lock Washer (p/n 13607).  Discard or store the Rocker Bolt Lock Washer as it is no longer used.  Install the Return Spring Bracket onto the press with the original shoulder bolt.

Step 2 – Remove the Index Lever Assembly (p/n 11064) and discard or store the Index Arm Spring (p/n 13944).

Step 3 – Place the index arm spring pin in a vice and tightly clamp it down.

Step 4 – Wiggle the arm clockwise and counterclockwise while applying upward pressure to remove the pin.  Do NOT spin the arm or there is high probability that the pin will break off flush.  If the pin breaks off flush, use a punch to remove the remainder of the pin.  This hole, like the hole used for the pawl, is a tapered hole.  Some pins are lightly installed, some are beat in with the hand of God.

Step 5 – Take one of the 2″ lengths of safety wire (we include two in case you break one) and install it onto the arm through the hole for the removed pin.  It creates a loop for the spring to hook to.  Twist the wires closed.

Step 6 – Install Index Arm Assembly back onto the machine, using the included washer to take up the slack of the unused stock spring if needed.  Some people prefer the washer, some don’t.  It’s an option for tuning.

Step 7 – Clip the new, included, return spring onto the safety wire, and then using a needle nose pliers, gently pull the spring into the hole of the new return spring bracket.  Trim any excess safety wire and tuck it away so as to not get poked when working on the rear of the press.

When installed correctly, it should look like this:


Additional return springs can be purchased from McMaster-Carr in packs of 6