FFB Primer Vibe Delivery System for the Dillon Super 1050/RL1100


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For years, if not decades, the major limitation, hassle, and danger of the Dillon Super 1050, and now the RL1100 is the priming system.  The stock Dillon shuttle actuation arm has springs that break, and an arm that will bend and eventually break from metal fatigue.  If a primer doesn’t drop properly into the shuttle and the shuttle moves, the primer can detonate, igniting any primers in the vertical tubular column.  This explosion often embeds parts and debris into the ceiling, and we know of at least one person who had their hand over the primer tube upon detonation.

The FFB Primer Vibe Delivery System removes ALL moving parts in delivering primers to the stock Dillon primer punch.  The stock moving parts are all replaced with a vibratory bowl and chute system.

  • No moving parts to wear out or break
  • Primer delivery speed of up to 15,000 per hour
  • Available for all major auto-drives (FFB, Mk7, Ammobot, and Forcht)
  • Comes with parts to convert to all primer sizes (Small pistol/rifle, Large pistol/rifle)
  • Convert primer sizes in less than 10 minutes.
  • Safe even with a major primer detonation thanks to a foot tall, 1/4″ thick polycarbonate safety shield (not shown)


Priming is the most tedious part of ammunition loading.  All brass must be fully processed and CLEAN before priming.  Priming should be done in it’s own step, and not part of actual ammunition loading for safety, consistency, and accuracy.

The chute has no means to expel dirt, and any dirt that gets to the primer punch area will collect and accumulate until a malfunction occurs.

An FFB Extended Tip swage rod should be used (slightly backed off) as a safety check to ensure a primer or ringer is not present in the primer pocket.  Trying to install a primer into a pocket where a ringer or spent primer resides will cause at least a malfunction, and at worse a detonation.

Your auto-drive’s electronic and/or mechanical clutch should be set to it’s lowest point that still allows the work to be performed.  This is an additional safety step to allow the press to stop in the event of a primer jam at the punch.


  • Vibratory Base
  • Vibratory Base Stand Specifically Made to the Height of your Auto-Drive
  • Vibratory Controller
  • 3D Printed Bowl, Primer Discriminators, and Chute
  • 1/4″ Thick, 12″ Tall, Polycarbonate Safety Shield
  • Large Primer Punch and Bushing (Dillon makes the large the wrong size)
  • All Required Fasteners


  • 1 Year on Primer Vibe Base and Controller
  • 3 Years on any 3D Printed Parts.  Customer Pays for Shipping of replacement 3D Printed Parts.


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