FFB Heavy Duty Index Pawl for the Dillon 1050/1100/2000


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Anyone with a Dillon 1050 knows the the index pawl is the weak point on the machine.  If a primer doesn’t fully exit the case during the decapping process, as the shell plate turns, the primer tries to jam between the press frame and the shell case.  If you’re moving along at a good pace, when this jam occurs, it will damage the index pawl, putting the press out of commission until a replacement is purchased and installed.

We have fixed this issue with our index pawl.
  • Our pawl is made from pre-hardened 4140 steel, precision ground flat.  Pre-hardened steel is hard through and through, not case hardened.
  • Dillon’s pawl has the pivot hole too close to the edge.  Our Heavy Duty pawl has the hole in the same spot, but we added more material to the inside of the pawl to strengthen the hole.  There is no more hole elongation or tear through in the event of a jam.
Installation:  We stole this video from YouTube, video made by Craig Forcht.
Note:  We final drill the hole in the pawl here, as the water jet leaves a cutting kerf.  If, for whatever reason, your pawl hole is undersized, a 3/32″ drill bit will cure the issue.