FFB HD Extractor Tab for the Dillon 1050/1100/2000


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Recently, we discovered that the stock Dillon Super 1050 Extractor tab had the bend radius of the tab inboard of the edge of the shell plate.  With the sloppy tolerances of the stock 1050 Dillon shell plate this is not an issue, but it becomes an issue with the use of our FFB shell plates.  Due to this, some customers were having case extraction issues.

As is shown in the product photo, and installed on the press, our tab is significantly better.  It is a full 1/2″ tall, has the bend outboard of the shell plate, and rests against the nut that holds the shell plate in place.  A much more robust design that is less likely to be damaged, and will work with FFB and Dillon shell plates.

Due to the difference in die manufacturers, some die threads may lightly hit the FFB HD extractor tab.  If this occurs, simply use a Dremel or bench grinder to lightly clearance where the threads have touched the extractor tab.