FFB Crank Arm for the Dillon Super 1050


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As of 12/07/2017 we have upgraded our Link Arm to 2024 Aluminum.

The factory Dillon Super 1050 Crank arm is a very well designed piece, with a very large flaw, the material.  We had destructive testing done on a stock crank arm, and the report came back as the arm being cast “similar to Aluminum Foundry Alloy, Ingot AA 505.1 with respect to chemical composition (low silicon).”

With the stresses placed on the Super 1050 over millions of rounds, this material is simply not up to the forces being exerted onto it.  As such, we offer our upgraded Crank Arm for the Super 1050, machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum.

This is a direct replacement for Dillon part 11062.