FFB Case Sorter for 9mm Luger and .380 Auto


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Build time is 1-2 weeks.  If you need other products sooner, place this item on a separate order.

After having invented the .556/.223 Case Qualifier, and Case Inspection Station, we’re proud to present yet another simple high speed machine.

The FFB Case Sorter will discriminate and separate 9mm Luger from .380 Auto cases at up to 13,000 cases per hour.  Speed can be adjusted with a simple twist of the knob.  Designed to use a Dillon collator sized drop tube, it can be mated to any collator.  Of course, if you’re a sadist, it will also run slow enough to be hand fed.  The true throughput will be fully achieved by using our FFB Small Pistol collator, which will outrun this Sorter.

9mm Makarov may cause the Sorter to jam, or it may eject with .380 Auto cases.  Since many 9mm Makarov are steel cased, we recommend taping a magnet at the top of the drop tube to catch any before they reach the Sorter.

As an option, if your collator can’t keep up, or your collator is prone to frequent jams, we offer a Proximity Switch that will only allow the Sorter to run when brass is present.

Production models will be solid black.  Product image is black and white to highlight the embedded text on the lid.

We are working on a 38 Super/9mm Luger separator as well.