FFB .45 ACP Primer Pocket Sorter (PPS)


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At some point, someone, for some reason, thought it would be a good idea to buck decades of large primers in .45 ACP and introduce small primers to the mix.  From there, the agony of sorting small from large primer pockets by hand began.  We have never seen an affordable machine that would end this arduous task, so we made one.

Not only is our simple machine astonishingly accurate, but it does it at up to 12,000 cases per hour.  Feed it with any collator that uses the standard size Dillon drop tube (0.720″).  The sorter cannot outrun the collator, as a proximity switch activates the feed motor only when cases are present.

It is essential that only cases with clean primer pockets be sorted by this machine. Decapping cases then wet tumbling with pins or other means is required.  Experience has shown that dirty primer pockets can cause large-pocket cases to be ejected into the small-pocket stream.  Additionally the action of the sorting pin can scrape powder residue off the sides of the primer pocket. Some of this residue gets into the solenoid creating drag and causing it to fail to eject small-pocket cases.

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