FFB #1 .45 ACP/7.62/.308 Heavy Duty Shell Plate for Dillon 1050/1100/2000


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Plates are UNCOATED and made in house at FFB as of 7/20/22.
Some plates may come with color variations due to the heat treating process.

Our Heavy Duty Shell Plates for the Dillon 1050/1100/2000 start out as S-7 tool steel and are then through hardened, not case hardened.  The pocket dimensions and location are different from the stock Dillon plate, allowing better adjustment, reliable feeding, and less flexing of the shell plate.

Compatible calibers:

– .45 GAP
– .45 ACP
– .22-250
– .243 Winchester
– .270 Winchester
– .308 Winchester
– 7.62×51 NATO
– .30-06

We have only tested .45 ACP and .308 Win/7.62×51.

Installation:  Please see the video below for proper setup.  Do NOT use the Dillon instructions.  Failure to setup per the video, and failure to keep the press clean under the shell plate will result in premature failure due to fatigue stress.

Note:  Tuning of the extractor tab required if rough extraction occurs.  For instructions on tuning, click HERE.