FFB Rifle and Pistol Case Collator


US Patent 9,989,342

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Shipping Size: 18x18x24
Shipping Weight:  40 Lbs

Low speed and high drag has been the standard for far too many years in the reloading industry. Expensive commercial collators still jam as frequently as the cheaper models. Throughput on those same commercial collators has been stagnant for years, if not decades. We aim to change all of that.

We are proud to introduce the new Fast and Friendly Brass Collator. Featuring:

  • Collation of 5.56/.223 Brass, .300 Blackout with free conversion kit.
  • Collation of .308/30-06 with our Large Rifle Turntable
  • Collation of 9mm with the Small Pistol Turntable
  • Collation of .40S&W up to .45 Long Colt with the Large Pistol Turntable
  • Can be ordered setup for 5.56/.223, .30 Cal., or Small/Large Pistol.
  • Easily converted to other calibers (Sm/Lg Rifle, Sm/Lg Pistol) with conversion kits.
  • Bowl capacity of 1800 pieces of 5.56/.223
  • 16″ Diameter Bowl
  • Minimum of 12,000 pieces per hour, up to 13,400 pieces per hour with 5.56/.223 or pistol calibers.
  • Virtually jam free due to the means of collation. We have run our prototype for over 3 hours without jamming with cases varying from brand new to absolute junk, including blanks.
  • An electronic control box able to detect jams and stop the collator, preventing equipment wear and tear.
  • Our prototype used a 1/16 HP motor without issue, running for hours on end. We upped that power to 1/8 HP just to ensure there would never be a power deficit. The 1/8 HP motor draws a scant 1.6 Amps!

This collator, to our knowledge, is the only commercially available collator that can keep up with the Fast and Friendly Brass Qualifier, or the Bitterroot Machine Off Press Brass Primer.

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