Bullet Spotter Sensor for the FFB Auto-Drive




During automated reloading it’s important to ensure that the projectile is properly positioned. It does no good to toss a case full of powder into the completed bin, nor seat a projectile upside down, nor squish one into the case sideways.

Additionally, sorting brass by length is tedious.  When processing, it’s helpful to be able to sort case lengths at speed.

To solve these problems we are happy to introduce the FFB Spotter.

The spotter includes a laser transmitter and separate receiver for the ultimate in precision. Sensing occurs after the index when the toolhead is in the uppermost position using a magnet and reed switch.


  • Dedicated laser transmitter and receiver.
  • No mirror to get dirty and fail to reflect the laser or get bumped out of alignment.
  • Laser and receiver alignment are locked into place on the same part.
  • Detects improperly placed projectiles during reloading.
  • Detects case height during processing.
  • Quick installation time without requiring equipment modification.
  • Easy adjustments of sensing height.

Note:  This item, depending on our 3D printer que, could take up to 2 weeks to produce.  If you need other items sooner, order this item on a separate order.