FFB Auto-Drive for Dillon Super 1050


Shipping Mid-February 2018


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** Press not included **

As of 11/01/20, all orders will require a 25%
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Shipping Size:  16x16x16
Shipping weight:  60 lbs


While other auto-drive manufacturers have used proprietary parts or electronics, some of which require modification to the Dillon Super 1050, we wanted a complete non-proprietary package that requires no press modifications.  As such, we proudly present our FFB Auto-Drive.


  • Overbuilt for industrial use.
  • Made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and hardened 4140 billet steel.  No mystery metal!
  • Full stroke of the stock Dillon Super 1050 + 0.040″
  • Direct Drive, No Belts/Chains.
  • No stock Dillon lower linkage to break.
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Controlled 1/4HP motor uses standard 110-120VAC 50/60Hz input power input drawing a maximum of 6 Amps.  Actual power consumption will be less, depending on caliber.  Other auto-drive companies tout the horsepower of their motor.  They need excessive power due to having to start/stop and reverse direction of the drive.  Our crankshaft design requires less power since it never has to reverse direction.
  • Motor is rated for 10,000+ hours of continuous use.  That’s 42+ million rounds at max speed!
  • 100% variable speed from 0-5333 rounds per hour depending on gearbox.  We don’t constrain customers with “set speeds”.
  • Maximum flexibility in speed based on caliber, powder, and projectile.
  • Side loading of ram to casting bore reduced by 65% due to length of connecting rod.
  • All mechanical wear components and electronics are off the shelf items.  No FFB proprietary parts required!
  • Simple user controls.  No proprietary tablets or PC interfaces to fail.  No touch screens that don’t recognize dirty or calloused fingers. No software to get corrupted.  No need for internet connectivity for “updates”.  No tablet batteries to deplete.  Our drive and control systems were designed properly from the start, so as to not need updating.
  • Control switches:  Master Power, Forward/Reverse Momentary Jog, Run, Powder Dwell, Index Dwell, and Emergency Stop
  • Compatible with commercially available bulletfeeders, such as but not limited to, Mr. Bulletfeeder and GSI.
  • Easier loading of longer rifle calibers, such as 30-06.
  • Mechanical and digital clutches offer infinite adjustability.
  • Our digital clutch uses a scale of 0-150 for precise control.  Other competitors use only a digital clutch limited to a 0-20 scale.
  • Easy, one-time, assembly setup can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes.  All required hardware included.
  • Adds a scant 5″ to the total press height.
  • 1 year warranty against breakage on non-wearing items.

TIP:  Selling your new take-off Super 1050 lower end components on Ebay puts us dead even in price with a competitors auto-drive.


Available Speeds:

  • 36:1 Gear Ratio – Speeds of 0-5333 for all pistol brass and easy-to-size rifle brass, but not for .300 Blackout conversion.
  • 50:1 Gear Ratio – Speeds of 0-3840 for most general applications.
  • 75:1 Gear Ratio – Speeds of 0-2560 for really tough-to-size .30 cal brass, typically shot out of belt-fed full auto or SCAR rifles.
If you decide at a later date you do not like your gear choice, additional gearboxes can be purchased directly from Oriental Motors for $225 each, and are easily swapped out.

Optional Accessories:

  • Decapping Sensor for Lee Universal Decapping Die
  • Low Primer Sensor
  • Low Powder Sensor
  • Powder Check Sensor
  • Brass Proximity Switch Upgrade (Drive only runs when brass is present in the drop tube).
  • Bullet Sensor

** We will show customers how to convert their Low Primer/Powder and Powder Check sensors from Dillon for use with our Auto-Drive.  Cost to convert is about $5.00 per sensor.


Feature Overview Video

Video of a customer processing 9mm at a rate of 5,000/hour.

Video of a customer loading 5.56 at a rate of 1,700/hour.

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