FFB Auto-Drive for Dillon RL1100


Available as of 4/20/20.

** Press not included **

Ignore stock status, all equipment are built to order.

You MUST ship us your press for permanent modification.

Shipping size:  17x17x17
Shipping weight:  85 lbs



  • Overbuilt for industrial use.
  • Made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and 4140 billet steel.  No mystery metal!
  • Direct Drive, No Belts/Chains.
  • No stock Dillon lower linkage to break.
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Controlled 1/4HP motor uses standard 110-120VAC 50/60Hz input power input drawing a maximum of 6 Amps.  Actual power consumption will be less, depending on caliber.  Other auto-drive companies tout the horsepower of their motor.  They need excessive power due to having to start/stop and reverse direction of the drive.  Our eccentric rotational design requires less power since it never has to reverse direction.
  • Motor is rated for 10,000+ hours of continuous use.  That’s 42+ million rounds at max speed!
  • 100% variable speed from 0-5333 rounds per hour depending on gearbox.  We don’t constrain customers with “set speeds”.
  • Maximum flexibility in speed based on caliber, powder, and projectile.
  • All mechanical wear components and electronics are off the shelf items.  No FFB proprietary parts required!
  • Simple user controls.  No proprietary tablets or PC interfaces to fail.
  • No touch screens that don’t recognize dirty or calloused fingers.
  • No software to get corrupted.
  • No need for internet connectivity for “updates”.
  • No tablet batteries to deplete.
  • Our drive and control systems were designed properly from the start, so as to not need updating.
  • Control switches:  Master Power, Forward/Reverse Momentary Jog, Run, Powder Dwell, Index Dwell, and Emergency Stop
  • Compatible with commercially available bulletfeeders, such as but not limited to, Mr. Bulletfeeder and GSI.
  • Mechanical and digital clutches offer infinite adjustability.
  • Our digital clutch uses a scale of 0-150 for precise control.  Other competitors use only a digital clutch limited to a 0-20 scale.
  • Easy, one-time, assembly setup can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes.  All required hardware included.
  • Adds a scant 5/8″ to the total press height.
  • 1 year warranty against breakage on non-wearing items.


Available Speeds:

  • 36:1 Gear Ratio – Speeds of 0-5333 for all pistol brass and easy-to-size rifle brass, but not for .300 Blackout conversion.
  • 50:1 Gear Ratio – Speeds of 0-3840 for most general applications.
  • 75:1 Gear Ratio – Speeds of 0-2560 for really tough-to-size .30 cal brass, typically shot out of belt-fed full auto or SCAR rifles.
If you decide at a later date you do not like your gear choice, additional gearboxes can be purchased directly from Oriental Motors for $225 each, and are easily swapped out.

Optional Accessories:

  • Decapping Sensor for Lee Universal Decapping Die
  • Low Primer Sensor
  • Low Powder Sensor
  • Powder Check Sensor
  • Bullet Sensor

** We will show customers how to convert their Low Primer/Powder and Powder Check sensors from Dillon for use with our Auto-Drive.  Cost to convert is about $5.00 per sensor.


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