FFB 5.56 Brass Qualifier


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As every commercial brass processor and reloader knows, sorting good 5.56 brass from bad is the absolute worst part of the job.  It’s mind numbing, horrible on the eyes, and rough on the hands. Yet, every company pays either employees or an outside firm to sort brass. With our new Fast & Friendly Brass Qualifier, insanity, eye strain, and hand cramps are a thing of the past.


Our machine does the work of three or four employees. The huge difference between the employees and the machine is that the machine never gets tired or distracted. It qualifies 100% of the brass, 100% of the time, with 100% accuracy. We can tune our Fast & Friendly Brass Qualifier to allow or disallow any diameter neck size, dependant on how tolerant your press or other equipment is to dented brass.  As an additional benefit, the machine will automatically reject blanks, cases with crushed necks, and live ammo.


Volume is the key to making money in the brass industry. A single Fast & Friendly Brass Qualifying machine is able to check up to 12,000 cases per hour, limited only by collator speed.  Of course, to maximize throughput, we suggest pairing the Brass Qualifier with the Fast & Friendly Brass Collator.


To eliminate any confusion, this machine is meant to ensure that the brass being fed into your presses or other equipment won’t break your presses or other equipment.  Our qualifier will not check for case dents, nor will it sort by headstamp.  Heck, it won’t make your teeth whiter either.

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